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In good hands

Ingold Treuhand takes care of your finances and your entrepreneurial activities. This includes topics such as bookkeeping, accounting, controlling, auditing, as well as management and administration. We are your sparring partner and take care of your financial essentials.

Gabriela Ingold, Trustee

Key facts

  • INGOLD founded in 1995
  • Top team of 12 seasoned specialists and support staff
  • In-depth network of tax experts, certified public accountants, lawyers and notaries, insurance experts, and prominent individuals in business, politics, and public administration
  • International clientele, including clients from America, Asia, Europe, Russia, and South Africa
  • Scores of private individuals with diverse fiduciary needs

Trustee companies in a changing world

In 2020, the Zug-based INGOLD Treuhandpartner AG celebrated its 25th anniversary.
On behalf of all employees, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our clients and professional colleagues for the good cooperation and the trust they have placed in us. Also in the future our motivation will remain the same: We want to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Yours, Gabriela Ingold
& Team

Gabriela IngoldMrs Ingold, how has the market for trustee company services changed in the last years?
The work has become more demanding. Although laws remained unchanged for periods of ten years or more in the post-war period, the rate of change has continuously accelerated over the last years. Even tax law is changing all the time. We can see international pressure from the EU and the OECD here.

How are you facing up to these demands?
In the first instance new laws mean an increased work load for us as we systematically review and amend all client mandates. However, changes are also stimulating, particularly if it is possible to play a part in shaping the change. My clients benefit from my political involvement, for example as Chair of the Tax Revision Committee, Package IV of the Canton of Zug. This has produced a genuine tax saving for SMUs since 2012. And, of course, the sector demands a continuous movement along these lines.

What are today‘s particular challenges?
The new communication technologies have accelerated the pace of day-to-day work to an extreme degree. Rapid communication methods prompt the false assumption that solutions can be achieved just as quickly. But what we want to find is the best, not the fastest, solution for our clients. I often keep the cases I am personally involved in at the back of my mind for a few days so I can reflect on how we could arrive at the optimum solution.

Isn’t it stressful for you to carry your work around with you almost everywhere you go?
In general I don’t view my work as work at all. I am grateful for the confidence my clients show in me and I love the challenge of finding good solutions for my clients.

You are one of the few women at the head of a trust company. What does it feel like?
After such a long time I now don’t have to prove anything. In fact, I do encounter prejudice from time to time but this has significantly reduced during the long time that INGOLD Treuhandpartner AG has been in business.

What are the particular strengths of INGOLD Treuhandpartner AG?
Firstly, we always keep our delivery promises. The annual financial statements of all major clients are ready by the end of January. Secondly, we provide comprehensive solutions for our clients – as well as offering the standard trust company services in such fields as finance and accounting, auditing, controlling, tax consultancy, company law, inheritance and marriage law, we also provide administrative support and comprehensive consultancy for business owners including all relevant business aspects such as organisational structure and processes, business plan, insurance solutions, succession planning or crisis management. We see our role as being a genuine sparring partner for our clients. This sometimes extends into problems in their private life. We are fully committed to our work.

What do you foresee for the market for trustee services in Zug?
There have been a large number of new entrants into the market in recent years. I think that nowhere in Switzerland has the same density of trustee companies as Zug.

Should you be afraid of the competition?

No. Many of these service-providers are untrained; we compete against them with our expertise and out network. Most of our clients come to us through recommendations. We ourselves are repeatedly surprised that INGOLD Treuhandpartner AG is servicing clients as far away as the cantons of Lucerne, Zürich, Aargau or Schwyz.

How do the next years of INGOLD Treuhandpartner AG look?

I and my fantastic team will continue to work with the same commitment as before. Stability and sustainability distinguish INGOLD Treuhandpartner AG from others. Every one of our staff has been with the company for more than seven years. My first employee (who started with the company in 1997) is still with us today. And her daughter joined us in 2008!


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Our team

Gabriela Ingold

President of the Board of Directors
Managing Director
Swiss certified fiduciary expert
VAT expert FH
Audit expert / Approval RAB

Active in the fiduciary industry since 1984
Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 29


Willi Ruesch

Member of the Board of Directors
Dipl. Expert in Accounting and Controlling
Audit expert / Approval RAB

Active in the fiduciary industry since 1975
Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 48


Beatrice Merz

Authorized signatory
Head of Mandate
Finance and accounting specialist with swiss federal certificate of Proficiency

Active in the fiduciary industry since 1999
Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 84


Viola Rinaldi


Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 17


Irene Di Michelangeli


Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 38


Sabrina Bühlmann-Iten

Authorized signatory
Head of Mandate
Fiduciary with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency

Working in the fiduciary industry since 2009
Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 24


Daniela Schär

Authorized representative
Fiduciary with swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency

Working in the fiduciary industry since 2005
Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 03


Eva-Maria Nöthiger

Authorized signatory
Mandate manager / tax clerk
lic. iur., RA

Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 25


Yvonne Ferrari

Team Assistant

Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 00


Fabienne Weber


Direct dial: +41 41 754 48 16



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